Hello Rugby world welcome to watch State of Origin is an annual best of three series of rugby league football matches contested by the Maroons and the Blues, who represent the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales respectively. Described as "sport's greatest rivalry, the State of Origin series is one of Australia's and the region's premier sporting events, attracting a huge television audience and usually selling out the stadiums in which the games are played. Despite the existence of international tournaments and State of Origin being a domestic competition, it is frequently cited as being the highest-level of rugby league played anywhere in the world.

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New South Wales Blues vs Queensland Maroons
State of Origin
Time: 08:00PM
Since 1908 Australia’s two major rugby league-playing states, Queensland and New South Wales, have played representative matches against each other and this has continued into the “state of origin” era which began with the 1980s. The two states’ teams are frequently referred to as the Maroons and Blues, reflecting the respective colours of their jerseys. The Maroons team is administered by the Queensland Rugby League and the Blues, by the New South Wales Rugby League.

New South Wales Blues vs Queensland Maroons

In the State of Origin history Queensland had won the Most titles & it is 20 time on the other hand New South Wales had won the title 12 time