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    Dota 2 in the Philippines

    While DotA is the most popular LAN game in the Philippines, the upcoming release of Dota 2 brings some uncertainties.

    Will majority of Filipino players switch to Dota 2 when it comes out?


    Support Dota 2 in the Philippines
    Dota 2 PH Steam Community
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    If Garena - Valve enter into an agreement in the future, it might bring a good things for the stand-alone version of DotA in the Philippines.

    PH Dota 2 community: Dota 2 Philippines

    Maybe we can open up a Dota 2 forum here on Garena PH.
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    wow....... SteAM....... sKATOH ..............!!! lawl
    Alms Alms Alms.... Give me a piece of bread..... do you know my mother??..... do you know my father??.... I dont know my father... LAWL:.....

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    Tried Steam Today...its was aweful....

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    owww. dota two huh?

    maybe some players are confuse now.... and excited on the release of dota 2.... who knows if others will like it.... xD its like dota being turned into more lively game characters and fights.... XD i wanna try dota 2

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    Paano po ako maka download ng DOTA for free? Please... pakisend lang po ng LINK...

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_punisher77 View Post
    Paano po ako maka download ng DOTA for free? Please... pakisend lang po ng LINK...
    watch this:

    installation guide:
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    DotA: Be Smart and Skilled

    "The only thing that can beat all the strategies is having fun. If you have fun, nothing can beat you. What you should spend time thinking about is how to be successful in your real life, not your DotA life. Just like any sport, DotA shouldn't be treated as a priority. Play it for fun and play it moderately."

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    sali ahghgh

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    Guys..kindly help how to play dota 2 steam..i don't have a steam key and i don't know where to buy it or get it..I found out that have a steam keys giveaway but when i try it says duplicate key..

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    Cool I have DOTA 2 !!!! sino gusto??

    DOTA 2 benta ko 4 nalang 750 pesos isa pero kung ako gagawa benta ko orig price 1,200. txt nyo ako sa cavite ako 09499033156 walang lalabas na dota 2 sa garena kc Valve ang gumawa ayaw nila may gagaya.
    Rhay nga pla name ko.


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