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    DotA Treasure Hunt Event [5]

    Welcome to DotA Treasure Hunt Event!

    Before proceeding with the event, Kindly read the
    -Anyone can join except DotA Section staffs(other Garena PH staffs are allowed to join)
    -Participant must 'Bring Me' the screenshot that the Moderator would ask for.
    -No editing of posts - Editing of posts may lead to disqualification.
    -The participant with the largest points win!
    -+5 Points if a replay came along the screenshot. You can upload your replay here:
    -wtf or -test is not allowed.
    -The scoreboard must be shown.
    -It must be a normal game. (PUB or HLR or LTR or LAN)
    -No time limit to the game, as long as you get the screenshot.


    1st - 8,000 EXP + 21 Days Gold Membership

    2nd - 5,000 EXP + 7 Days Gold Membership

    3rd - 3,000 EXP

    event thread:

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    mahirap nman yata yan


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